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Is Doloctan® forte a drug?

No, Doloctan® forte is not a drug, but a food for special medical purposes (balanced diet). The special composition has been adapted to the special nutritional requirements of spinal syndrome, nerve pain or polyneuropathies. This nutritional-medical approach to balanced diets serves to support the treatment of diseases.

What are the ingredients of Doloctan® forte?

Doloctan® forte combines the neurotropic micronutrients:

  • Uridine monophosphate (UMP)
  • active folic acid in the form of folate
  • active vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin

These substances have key functions in the activation of nerve regeneration. Doloctan® forte contains only body-identical and bioactive substances to ensure absorption by the body. At the same time, they are well tolerated without known interactions with other substances.

What can Doloctan® forte help me with?

Doloctan® forte helps where it is needed: With its strong combination of natural B vitamins and nerve nutrients, it regenerates the nerves and supports cell metabolism.

Is diet management with Doloctan® forte suitable for me?

Increasing stress in everyday life and at work can bring us to our limits. The consequence:

Back pain. If there is a draught, a burning sensation or a sting, rapid research into the causes is required, because the causes of back pain can be just as varied as the complaints themselves. For about one third of all those affected, the reason for back problems lies in damage to peripheral nerves. These include spinal syndrome, nerve pain and polyneuropathies.

Damaged nerves can be repaired to a certain extent. For this, however, the organism needs sufficient building blocks. This is the only way to activate the body’s own repair mechanisms. This is exactly the point where Doloctan® forte specifically and effectively takes effect.

What is the most efficient way to dose Doloctan® forte?

Take 1 capsule daily with sufficient liquid (approx. 200 ml). A longer-term and regular intake is recommended.

May I open the capsule and take the contents without the shell?

Doloctan® forte capsules can, of course, also be taken without the shell. This has no effect on the mechanisms of the micronutrients contained.

How quickly can I experience the effect of Doloctan® forte?

This depends, among other things, on the severity and the time since which the symptoms have existed. But above all, it also depends on the level of need for the micronutrients contained in Doloctan® forte.

How long should I take Doloctan® forte?

This depends, among other things, on the severity and the time since which the symptoms have existed. As a rule, however, Doloctan® forte ought to be administered over a longer period of at least four to eight weeks. Nerve regeneration is a complex process and takes time.

Can I treat myself with Doloctan® forte permanently?

Yes, since Doloctan® forte is a food, it can also be taken safely over a longer period of time and even in continuous consumption. It is not necessary to pause the intake.

Are there any contraindications for consuming Doloctan® forte?

Doloctan® forte is a food for special medical purposes, must be safe and can therefore be taken without hesitation. Food for special medical purposes must be used under medical supervision.

When is the use of Doloctan® forte advisable?

The body is only able to repair nerves to a limited extent because the supply of micronutrients ingested with food cannot be stored and is quickly used up again. Doloctan® forte helps to replenish the supply in a natural way. The B vitamins it contains support the body’s own repair mechanisms in repairing damaged nerve structures.

The nucleotide uridine monophosphate (UMP) additionally contained in Doloctan® forte, an essential nerve building block, fulfils many functions in cell metabolism and the cell regeneration of damaged nerves. It can promote the production of proteins important for the nerve fibers and contribute to the accelerated reconstruction of myelin. Nerve stimuli can thus be transmitted normally again and back pain subsides.

Uridine monophosphate (UMP): important facts at a glance!

Uridine monophosphate (UMP) is responsible for the formation of new RNA (an essential building block of nucleic acids) in the organism, even in the case of nerve damage. It also promotes protein biosynthesis and accelerates the reconstruction of neuronal membranes.

What is the capsule shell of Doloctan® forte made of?

The capsule shell is vegan and consists of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (no gelatine!).

Does Doloctan® forte contain gluten or lactose?

No, Doloctan® forte does not contain gluten or lactose.

Is Doloctan® forte also suitable for me as a vegan?

Yes, Doloctan® forte is vegan and does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

Can I combine Doloctan® forte with medications?

Yes, as no interactions are known, Doloctan® forte can generally be taken together with medications. If additional B vitamins are taken, this should be discussed with your doctor so that the daily vitamin intake is adjusted to the recommended daily amounts. It is also important to ensure that folic acid is not taken together with various folic acid analogues (such as methotrexate). In this case you should consult your doctor. Food for special medical purposes must be used under medical supervision.

What is so special about Doloctan® forte?

With Doloctan® forte we consciously rely on a careful selection of vital substances. By using the patented folate form (Quatrefolic®), which is biologically active and natural, a higher bioavailability is achieved. Even people who lack the enzyme for activation in the body can easily and quickly utilize the important vitamin.

Methylcobalamin, the natural and bioactive form with quick absorption and direct utilization, is used as a source of vitamin B12. This is the only way to activate the body’s own nerve regeneration through a nutritional approach.

Is Doloctan® forte suitable for children and adolescents?

Doloctan® forte has been developed for adults and the ingredients are adapted to the recommended daily amounts.

In which package sizes can I purchase Doloctan® forte?

Doloctan® forte is available in pack sizes of 40, 80 and 160 capsules.

Is Doloctan® forte covered by health insurance?

Doloctan® forte is not a drug, but a food for special medical purposes (balanced diet). As foodstuffs are not included in the catalogue of benefits, they are not usually reimbursed by health insurance companies.